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The Pure Salmon Campaign was a global project with allies in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Chile all working to improve the way salmon is produced.

As of July 2010 the campaign is no longer active however we invite you to explore the resources on the site to find out more on the problems with salmon aquaculture.

Scottish Salmon Farm
Scottish Salmon Farm

The Problem

Our oceans are in trouble. Uncontrolled fishing has brought many species to the brink of extinction, while pollution from farms, cities, and factories is making other commercially important seafood unsafe to eat.

Many thought that aquaculture held the answer to these problems. Yet, practices differ sharply from country to country, making some types of farmed seafood unsustainable or unhealthy. Salmon, perhaps the most popular type of fish raised in sea farms, poses several problems for the environment and public health. More...

The Problem with Salmon Aquaculture Farmed Salmon Exposed Sea Lice Video

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