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Demonstrasjon mot Cermaq
(Demonstration against Cermaq)
Norges Miljovernforbund / Green Warriors of Norway - May 20, 2010

Massiv protest mot norsk lakseoppdrett i Canada
(Massive protest against Norwegian farmed salmon in Canada)
Norges Naturvernforbund / Friends of the Earth Norway - May 20, 2010

Geir Isaksen CEO of Cermaq
NRK NETT-TV - April 29, 2010

Visste om avtalen i fem år
(Did the agreement for five years)
NRK - April 29, 2010

Vinteravlusinga hadde liten effect
(Winter debugging had little effect)
Norges Jeger- og Fiskerforbund - April 20, 2010

Norway opposes tighter Chilean regulations
Intrafish - April 20, 2010

Canadians Bring Protest Against Farmed Salmon to Norway

Several thousand people came to Victoria, BC, calling on the Canadian government to move salmon farms into closed containment to protect wild salmon. A group of Canadians visited Oslo to bring this message to the Cermaq annual shareholder meeting.
Read the press release (in Norwegian)
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Global Delegation Demands Greater Protection of Wild Salmon, Adoption of Closed Containment Technology

The Pure Salmon Campaign submitted a shareholder resolution urging Cermaq, one of the world’s largest producers of farmed salmon, to relocate its open-net cage salmon farms onto land and to significantly restructure its management team.
Read the press release

King of Norway Pressured to Protect Wild Salmon

February 12, 2010

Pure Salmon Campaign and its allies appeal to Norway’s King Harald V to help stop the killing of wild fish by Norwegian-owned open net cage salmon farms.
Read the letter (PDF)

Deceptive Farmed Salmon Advertisement

February 12, 2010

Groups lodge formal complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission against the Norwegian Seafood Export Council for its October 2009 ad in Cooking Light magazine citing "unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent practices in the marketplace."
Find out more (PDF)

Video Report: DFO at AquaNor While Fraser Sockeye Crash

August 31, 2009

Filmmaker Damien Gillis' report from the world's biggest fish farming trade show in Trondheim, Norway. Gillis asked Minister Shea how she responds to criticism of the optics of DFO being in Norway while the iconic Fraser River Sockeye run collapses, with possible links to the salmon farming industry.

King of Norway Receives Letter Urging Protection for Canada’s Wild Salmon

August 18, 2009

NRK TV aired this story of Don Staniford from the Pure Salmon Campaign presenting Norway’s King Harald with a letter in which he urged Norway to stop the destruction of the Canadian wild salmon during the opening of the Aqua Nor exhibition in Trondheim.

Don Staniford presents the King of Norway with a letter urging him to Protect Canada's Wild Salmon

Pure Salmon Campaign Urges King of Norway to Protect Canada’s Wild Salmon

August 17, 2009

At Aqua Nor, a biannual international aquaculture trade show, the Pure Salmon Campaign will call upon King Harald of Norway to insist that Norwegian-owned companies operating salmon farms in Canadian waters adopt strict environmental standards to protect British Columbia’s wild salmon populations.

Official report reveals that salmon aquaculture in Chile uses 600 times more antibiotics than Norway

Oceana - July 24, 2009

Oceana Chile, a partner organization in the Pure Salmon Campaign, recently obtained data from the Chilean Ministry of Economy confirming excessive use of antibiotics in Chilean farmed salmon. According to the Minister's report, Chile used almost 600 times more antibiotics than the larger Norwegian industry. Chile in 2008 used 325,616 kg of antibiotics.

Marine Harvest releases sustainablility report

July 16, 2009
While Marine Harvest is to be applauded for their effort towards greater transparency, the report still lacks  sufficient data on use of sea-lice chemicals, such as SLICE.

Pure Salmon Campaign Coalition Visits Norway for Cermaq, Marine Harvest 2009 Annual General Meetings

From May 18 – 28, members of the global Pure Salmon Campaign coalition will visit Norway to highlight major problems plaguing the farmed salmon industry. During the trip, this diverse group of stakeholders will meet with: Members of Parliament, labor union leaders, salmon farmers, scientists, financial analysts, Chilean and Canadian embassy officials, shareholders, boards of directors, river owners and fishermen.

Representatives of the Pure Salmon Campaign coalition from key production and consumption geographies – including Canada, Chile, Scotland, Ireland and the U.S. – will participate in these meetings and will provide first-hand accounts of the environmental threats and poor labor conditions synonymous with salmon aquaculture. Cermaq and Marine Harvest, the world’s two largest producers of farmed salmon, will host their annual general meetings in Oslo, Norway on May 20 and 27, respectively. Members of the Pure Salmon Campaign coalition will attend both shareholder meetings.

On May 26 at the Parkteatret in Oslo, the Oslo Dokumentarkino will premiere a new film by Damien Gillis, a Canadian documentary filmmaker. This film explores the problems and impacts of salmon farming with a focus on British Columbia.

Two shareholder resolutions to Cermaq and one to Marine Harvest have been submitted on behalf of the Pure Salmon Campaign coalition. The first resolution to Cermaq requests the establishment of a special board committee to review environmental practices and how they relate to disease problems. This is the same resolution submitted to Marine Harvest. The second Cermaq resolution asks for the company to produce a yearly corporate social responsibility report, (i.e. a review of the firm's environmental record).

The following Pure Salmon Campaign coalition partners will be traveling to Norway for the meetings and are available for interviews:

  • Alexandra Morton – director, Salmon Coast Field Station, British Columbia
  • Chief Bob Chamberlin – Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Tribal Council, British Columbia
  • Chief Bobby Joseph – Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Tribal Council, British Columbia
  • Gillis – documentary filmmaker, Save Our Rivers Society, British Columbia
  • Javier Ugarte – president, CONTRASAL, Chile
  • Alejandro Salinas – director, OLACH, Chile
  • Alex Munoz – vice president, Oceana, Chile
  • John Mulcahy – chairman, Save the Swilly, Ireland
  • Fiona Cameron – consultant, Sea Trout Group, Scotland
  • Brian Fraser – ghillie (fishing guide) from Wester Ross, Scotland
  • Don Staniford – representative, Pure Salmon Campaign, United States
  • Bart Naylor – consultant, Pure Salmon Campaign, United States

View a slideshow of this year's visit to Norway

CERMAQ Shareholder Resolution Regarding a Corporate Social Responsibility Report - May 2009 (PDF)

Marine Harvest Shareholders Resolution & Supporting Statement - May 2009 (PDF)

Letter to the Sami Parliament on the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples Rights Norwegian Fish Farm Companies Compliance - May 18, 2009 (PDF)

Read about last year's visit to Norway.

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